Franck DROIN (FRA)

Chairman of the ECU Social Commission


“Chess brings tremendous benefits to society and individuals.
Improve inclusiveness for players with disabilities, allow the integration of the most fragile or excluded in a structured and rewarding universe, participate in improving the diet of players (especially young people) in the practice of the game , promote professional integration.
The opportunities are many.
Participate in national and European public policies, allow private companies to express their social responsibility, support foundations in the implementation of their ambitions.
Such are our ambitions, such are our actions.”


  • At the service of the development of social projects and their financing for the federations.
  • Promote in the 54 federations of the ECU the Social programs carried by FIDE.
  • Promote the programs carried out by the federations of the ECU to FIDE.
  • In synergy with the other ECU commissions : Education, Women, Events, ..