Melih Cicek, Secretary

Melih Cicek, Secretary

Melih (FIDE ID. : 6390030) is an International Arbiter, International Organizer and FIDE Instructor. 

He participated in many chess tournaments as an arbiter. He was the Sector Arbiter at the European Youth Chess Championship 2022 in Antalya and the arbiter at the European Blitz and Rapid Chess Championship 2021 in Katowice. Also he is the Chief Arbiter of the many tournaments in Türkiye.

He works as a trainer and as an organizer in the Apaydın Chess Club. He organizes many international clubs friendly chess tournaments with his club as an organizer. International clubs’ friendship chess tournaments, which started online during the pandemic period, continue over the board today. They provide for players of similar age groups and similar ELO points from different federations to gain experience under appropriate conditions. Also, he is one of the captains of Apaydın Chess and Sports Club, which plays in the Turkish Is Bank Chess Super League.

He has been a volunteer in the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation (TEGV), since 2005. Also, he is a member of many associations. He gave technical support to many young chess players during the pandemic period before the official online events. He worked as a volunteer with 20 players with disabilities from Turkish Chess Federation in 1st FIDE Online Chess Olympiad for people with disabilities. He prepared guides for the players before the Olympics, and he managed a team of 20 volunteers to assist the players throughout the Olympics. He works against Alzheimer’s by training chess with the old people in the city he lives in.

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