Elias Mastoras

Elias Mastoras (FIDE Id. : 4201183) is the current IBSA Blind Football Chairman 2021-2025. He is a FIDE Chess Trainer and a FIDE Master as a chess player; he runs the “Say Chess” Academy in Panorama since 1999.

He was the national coach of the Greek Blind delegation in Chess Olympiad in Brazil, 1996.

He received the 1st place at EU Sports Awards in May 2022 for the “A ball for all” campaign; Winner of EU Be Active Sports Awards 2022 as the “Local Hero”.

He is also the winner of Tallberg Foundation – Stavros Niarhos Foundation “Global Emerging Leader” 2022 among 2400 applicants from 132 countries.

He is an adults’ educator and a youth trainer in the E + Youth National Agencies of Greece and Cyprus and SALT0 Inclusion – Diversity “Mobility Taster” based in Brussels. He was a Rio2016 Referee Coordinator and World Referee Coordinator 2013-2017, and a Referee of Gold Medal Match in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008.

He patented the unique light sound ball, which is available only for donation. In the first four years of the #ABallforAll campaign, more than 11.500 mini blind footballs have been distributed in 213 countries and territories on 5 continents. Elias is the legal representative of Orama Neon Youthorama NGO.

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