Franck Droin, Chairman

Franck (FIDE ID. : 26067641) has chaired the ECU Social Commission since its creation in October 2022.

He chairs the “Santé Social Handicap” Commission of the French Chess Federation, which he created in 2021.
As such, he leads and creates many programs aimed at the development of Chess in the social sphere:

  • deployment of FIDE’s Infinite Autism program in France
  • Organization of the world championship for the visually impaired (women and young people) in France in July 2022
  • Piloting the “Second Brain” program aimed at promoting healthy eating for young players;
  • Use of the chess game in the prevention of cerebral aging
  • Adaptation of chess practice and teaching for children with DYS disorders and ADHD problems

Always passionate about chess, Franck was in France in 1988 at the origin of the event “Lille aux Echecs” which for nearly 30 years aimed to popularize Chess through popular events in the Lille metro.

In 2010 and 2016, Franck was also at the origin and organizer of scientific events aimed at introducing the “evaluation” dimension into the benefits of chess on cognitive diseases.

In 2017, Franck created and organised the first European Corporate Championship « in Paris (Asnières) with more than 150 participants from 12 countries .

Franck also created the KAISSA Chess Academy which allows 4 young French people to benefit from training and financial participation in tournaments for these young talents.

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